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Team Rebel Aquatics is a member of the Southern California Swimming Association of USA Swimming. Team Rebel Aquatics is a non-profit corporation and is administered through a board of directors comprised of parent volunteers and coaches. Team Rebel Aquatics is built upon a tremendous amount of hard work by many volunteers, coaches, parents, and swimmers.

Team Rebel Aquatics mission is to provide a swimming program to the Southern Nevada community which encourages each athlete to pursue their love of the sport in an environment which promotes excellence in all area of development


Team Rebel Aquatics' goal is to promote healthy social, emotional and physical development. To provide an opportunity for residents of the Southern Nevada community to engage in a wholesome lifetime sport. TRA promotes physical fitness and encourage proper long term health habits fostering the development of high self esteem and help cultivate positive self images.

Team Rebel Aquatics provide quality instruction, training, and competition for all ages and ability levels. TRA offers a comprehensive program that will provide children in the community the necessary background for competitive swimming providing ongoing opportunities to learn the values of hard work, dedication, self discipline and perseverance. TRA promotes the ideals of honesty, integrity, good sportsmanship, and loyalty by creating an environment in which the desire for self improvement motivates the individual to fully develop his/her natural abilities

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